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   新华社北京2月18日电 国家主席习近平18日下午应约同英国首相约翰逊通电话。 






Beijing, Feb. 18 (xinhua) -- Chinese President xi jinping held a telephone conversation with British prime minister Boris Johnson on the afternoon of June 18.

Xi thanked queen Elizabeth ii and Johnson for their condolences on China"s response to the outbreak. Xi pointed out that the UK has provided material support for the fight against the epidemic, which reflects the friendship between China and the UK and the two peoples.

Xi stressed that since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has always given top priority to the safety of people"s lives and health, given full play to its institutional advantages, and adopted the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough prevention and control measures throughout the country. Thanks to hard work, positive changes have taken place in the epidemic prevention and control situation, and the prevention and control measures are making significant achievements. Currently, the prevention and control of the epidemic has reached a critical stage. We will work hard to reduce the impact of the outbreak while resolutely preventing and controlling the disease. We have the confidence and ability to achieve this year"s economic and social development goals, especially the key tasks of making a decisive decision to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and fighting poverty alleviation.

Xi pointed out that China upholds the concept of a community of Shared future for mankind and is responsible for the lives and health of its own people as well as global public health. We have made great efforts to prevent the spread of the disease on a global scale. China will continue to cooperate with the UK and other countries in an open and transparent manner.

Xi stressed that China and the UK, both permanent members of the UN security council, should shoulder more responsibilities and make more achievements together to usher in a new decade of china-uk comprehensive strategic partnership in the face of increasing global challenges. Both sides should keep to the general direction of bilateral relations from a strategic and political perspective, stick to the orientation of win-win cooperation and accommodate each other"s core interests and major concerns on the basis of mutual respect. The two sides need to strengthen high-level interactions, align our economies" complementarity and carry out more substantive cooperation. China is ready to work with the UK to uphold multilateralism and free trade and enhance communication on major international and regional issues.

On behalf of the British government and people, Johnson expressed condolences to the Chinese people over the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, and highly appreciated China"s comprehensive and forceful measures to prevent and control the epidemic, timely sharing of information with the international community and efforts to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the world. Johnson said that the British side admires China"s speed and efficiency in the fight against the epidemic and is willing to continue to provide support and assistance to China. It is believed that under the leadership of President xi jinping, the Chinese people will be able to win the battle against the epidemic and minimize the impact of the epidemic on China"s economic and social development.

Johnson said that he loves China and would like to lead the new British government to work with China to strengthen exchanges at all levels, deepen cooperation in all areas and make new achievements in the "golden era" of uk-china relations. The UK welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in the UK and is ready to strengthen cooperation with China under the framework of joint construction of the "One Belt And One Road". Britain and China are both influential powers with similar positions on many international issues. Both sides advocate multilateralism, support free trade and uphold the multilateral trading system. The UK is ready to strengthen coordination on hosting the United Nations framework convention on climate change this year and China"s hosting of the convention on biological diversity to jointly promote international cooperation on climate change.