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同样的事件发生在香港,便是“民主运动”,发生在西班牙就成了“暴力骚乱”,西方采取如此赤裸裸的双重标准,暴露出其所推崇的“自由民主”,只不过是从自身利益出发,玩的一种 “合则用、不合则弃”的把戏,毫无道德可言,彻底撕下了西方干涉香港事务的虚伪面纱。
In recent days, violent and illegal activities in Hong Kong have been staged in Catalonia, Spain. Rioters have congested airports, cut off roads, smashed shops, set fire to various parts of the city and had fierce conflicts with the police. They are not afraid to claim "to be the second Hong Kong". In response, the British and American governments, which have been conniving at Hong Kong"s violent and illegal activities, remained silent. Some western media, which supported the anti Chinese rioters in Hong Kong, immediately changed their faces, denounced the rioters and called on the Spanish authorities to act decisively.

The same incident happened in Hong Kong, which is the "democracy movement", and it became a "violent riot" in Spain. The West adopted such a naked double standard, exposing the "liberal democracy" that it respected. It was just a trick of "using in accordance with the principle, discarding in accordance with the principle" from its own interests, which completely tore off the Western interference in Hong Kong"s affairs. The veil of hypocrisy.

Since the extreme violence in Hong Kong in June, some people in the British and American government have jumped up and down to try to disrupt Hong Kong. The vice president and Secretary of state of the United States met with Hong Kong"s "Anti China and anti Hong Kong" elements respectively. The spokesman of the State Council expressed "appreciation" to the officials of the United States Consulate General in Hong Kong for contacting the leaders of Hong Kong Independence Organization. RAB, the British Foreign minister, directly called the chief executive of Hong Kong SAR to put pressure on him, interfered in China"s internal affairs roughly, and all kinds of acts were shameless. However, in the face of the so-called "Hong Kong experience" of the riots in Catalonia, the British and American governments have selectively "lost their voice". How can they not stand up to support the rioters in the name of "freedom and democracy"?
Some western media also showed "another face". A British mainstream media first failed to report the riots in Catalonia, which was questioned by Scottish MP nuranz. After that, the media reported on the riots in Catalonia, but adopted a different tendency from that of interfering in Hong Kong affairs, denounced the rioters and affirmed the police"s "counter attack" on the rioting activities. And a German media, which has been cheering on the Anti China and anti Hong Kong activists, called on the Spanish authorities to act decisively, completely ignoring the "veil" of "freedom and democracy".

This makes people more aware that the "double standards" used by the west to interfere roughly in other countries" affairs serve their own interests. For example, the reason why they kept silent about the chaos in gatai was that they feared that the move would be imitated by other western regions and hurt themselves. When their eyes turn to Hong Kong, their ideas and styles are quite different. On the surface, they put on a posture of "good for Hong Kong". In fact, they wish that Hong Kong would be more chaotic and better, so as to achieve the sinister purpose of containing the overall situation of China"s development.

However, it has been proved that this kind of "double standard" behavior in the west can not safeguard its own interests, but will backfire on itself. In recent years, the practices of Hong Kong rioters are being copied by some people in the West. In addition to the gatai rebellion, Western extreme environmentalists recently launched "anti extinction" demonstrations in more than 20 cities around the world, such as London, UK. Some of the strategies and methods allegedly came from Hong Kong rioters.

The West has always respected the rule of law, but any country ruled by law will never tolerate "Hong Kong Style" chaos. The West"s connivance at Hong Kong"s extreme violence based on self-interest and double standards can be described as throwing stones at its own feet!