Web, iOS, Android程序员和设计师(UI/UX)

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我们是一组专业的技术开发团队,承接国内和美国外包业务,提供app和网站建设服务,团队在电商、社交、招聘、翻译、聊天室、视频等领域中有较多经验,如有需要,请填此表:http://goo.gl/forms/ScZ1egzaGv(大陆请用这链接:http://form.mikecrm.com/f.php?t=I0S8oU)或联系 info@youdar.net。我们团队网站:http://youdar.net/ 或浏览 http://youdar.net/#about 了解更多关于我们。另外我们团队现在极速扩展团队,寻兼职开发人员和设计师(UI/UX),若有兴趣加入我们团队,也请跟我们接洽,谢谢。

We are a professional freelancing/outsourcing team, focusing on the web and mobile app development and have been taking up projects from both China and the US. We have experiences especially in the areas of e-commerce, social, job employment, language translation, chat rooms, video processing, etc. Please fill out this form http://goo.gl/forms/ScZ1egzaGv if interested or contact us directly at info@youdar.net. Feel free to visit us at http://youdar.net/ or http://youdar.net/#about to find out more information about us. Also, we're looking for both part-time developers and designers (UI/UX) to expand our team. If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know as well. Thank you.