【BAASA】2015 State of BAASA

BAASA  04/15   14080  

Dear Members, 

2015 is an exciting year, full of adventures and challenges! 

There are (1) 5/23-5/24 tournament organized by Vietnamese community; (2) NCCAF tournament - open competitive in July, open recreational in August; (3) North America Chinese Soccer League Grand Tournament (GT) on 9/5-9/6; (4) BACASL recreational league bi-weekly with final day in November.

The main focus for BAASA now is GT, this tournament has been revived and come to live this year. It's the greatest opportunity to meet rest of Chinese soccer communities around North America, to compete, to share and to enjoy! 

We are a large group and with more and more new members, organizing multiple events weekly with different focus is a tough task, we wish more member join our BAASA Event Management Team (BEMT) and together we make BAASA activities more attractive and enjoyable, please reply +1 if you wish to join.

Current BAASA members participate in the following activities:
(A) Weekday night corporate league, managed by Guoying Li - by invitation only
(B) Thursday or Friday night training, managed by BEMT  - come as can, it's the very helpful extension for additional of our main training
(C) Sunday main training and game, managed by BEMT and coached by Yong Yin - we require all GT committed members to join, encourage all members to join
(D) Biweekly BACASL for less competitive game, a great way to meet with the rest of Chinese recreational teams and make friends, managed by BEMT 

Members! If you want improvement of your personal and team skills, if you want to work as part of a team to win, and if you enjoy friendship from competitive soccer, BAASA is the way to go!







林战生 Alan Lin,硅谷足球协会理事长
微信号 alanlin8698